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Renal Care

Nipro is one of the world’s leading producers of disposable medical equipment for dialysis and dialysis-related treatments. With over 30 years of continuous research and development, we continue to bring products to market that reflect the needs of its customers with the highest of quality standards and focus on safety. These guiding principals are the foundation of Nipro’s success and global leadership standing.

Renal product range includes filters, fistula needles, blood tubing sets, bicarbonate cartridges, haemostatic bandages, dialysis machines, water treatment systems and catheters.


Nipro re-introduced the buttonhole technique for dialysis by designing a special needle set.

The BIOHOLE™ Needle System forms an excellent combination with the buttonhole puncture method. After a fix puncture tunnel is created, you can use the BIOHOLE™ Needle System, which is less sharp than a standard AVF needle, but sharp enough to avoid the trampoline effect.

Correct usage of the buttonhole puncture technique will cause fewer complications, compared to conventional needle insertion techniques.

Using the BIOHOLE™ Needle System in combination with the buttonhole puncture method results in:

  • A reduction of bleeding time
  • Minimum penetration force provides less pain to patients
  • An extension of the life of the vascular access
  • A reduction of mispunctures

The BIOHOLE™ Needle System is recommended for home dialysis and self cannulation renal centers.

With the catheter version we have gone one step further in improving your patients comfort, because only the flexible (catheter) part will remain in the patients arm during treatment.

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