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New ideas for advanced perfusion

Nipro has a comprehensive range of Cardiopulmonary Products to support every requirement of our customers. Our oxygenators and related products have been favourably operated by perfusionists and doctors all over the world. Our products are designed for safety and ease of use with the highest level of quality.

Nipro’s Cardiopulmonary product range is composed of: Oxygenators, Arterial filters, Custom Packs and Cardioplegia delivery systems. For more information about our Cardiopulmonary products, please contact us.

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The BRIZIO ARTERIAL FILTER retains platelet micro aggregates and particles with more than 40 μm in size, allowing for the removal of micro bubbles in the arterial circuit of tubes during the surgical procedure through the Extracorporeal Circulation (EC) and preventing neurological problems in the immediate post-operatory period.

Its physical structure includes a vortex system that efficiently contributes to the removal of micro bubbles which may be present in the EC system, as shown in the picture.

The ARTERIAL FILTER BRIZIO presents a 29% surface reduction in relation to the existing 40μm filter and a 35% increase of the open areas. The filter has a 96 mL priming and a flow capacity of up to 7,0 L/min.


Priming 96 ml
Mesh opening 40 μm
Filtering area 450 cm²
Inlet/outlet diameter 3/8”
Filtering material Polyester
Body material Polycarbonate

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