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Renal Care

Nipro is one of the world’s leading producers of disposable medical equipment for dialysis and dialysis-related treatments. With over 30 years of continuous research and development, we continue to bring products to market that reflect the needs of its customers with the highest of quality standards and focus on safety. These guiding principals are the foundation of Nipro’s success and global leadership standing.

Renal product range includes filters, fistula needles, blood tubing sets, bicarbonate cartridges, haemostatic bandages, dialysis machines, water treatment systems and catheters. NephroFlow™Go Back

Recirculation and Access Flow Measuring Device

Vascular dialysis access is considered to be the Achilles heel of hemodialysis. Following the advises of the NKF KDOQI™, a surveillance to diagnose and prevent the progression of stenosis or thrombosis is recommended at least once a month. NephroFlow permits the needed surveillance, using the ultrasound dilution technology, a noninvasive access flow monitoring. Safe, quick and accurate, the device provides the actual blood flow, the access recirculation and the shunt flow of your patient during hemodialysis.

Measurement history can be traced and analyzed in the patient report overtime. A USB port simplifies the electronic and printed archiving of measured results. The user-friendly 15″ touch screen is easy to use, even when wearing single-use gloves. The unit guides users through the measurement process via information displayed on the screen.

Due to its high quality engineering, the annual functional inspection on NephroFlow can easily be done on site, without the need to remove the device from its operating environment. Furthermore, our tubing database is constantly updated and can simply be downloaded when needed.


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