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Renal Care

Nipro is one of the world’s leading producers of disposable medical equipment for dialysis and dialysis-related treatments. With over 30 years of continuous research and development, we continue to bring products to market that reflect the needs of its customers with the highest of quality standards and focus on safety. These guiding principals are the foundation of Nipro’s success and global leadership standing.

Renal product range includes filters, fistula needles, blood tubing sets, bicarbonate cartridges, haemostatic bandages, dialysis machines, water treatment systems and catheters.

Pro-Active Monitoring ServicesGo Back

All relevant system parameters of the water treatment system can be readout regularly and recorded in an internal monitoring system, ensuring stable operation of the system and minimized energy and water consumption. Our maintenance and monitoring contracts include an annual quality report where all relevant system parameters are clearly presented.

Remote Access

By connecting the Nipro water treatment system to the internet it is possible for authorized personnel to access at any time the systems remotely. Remote access facilitates error analysis, parameter settings, program changes or complete software updates quickly without the need for expensive service calls.

Fault report

System or softener alerts are forwarded directly by email to customer service.

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