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Hospital Products

Recognized for quality, preferred for value and innovation

The quality of Nipro’s hospital products is well-known. We have decades of experience in the field and we offer sophisticated products and well organized distribution channels.

By constantly innovating and by putting safety and quality first, we have maintained the highly prized reputation that Nipro products enjoy from medical cares facilities worldwide. Nipro’s superior manufacturing processes are a good example of the success that can be achieved when people focus on quality. Continuously promoting reseach and development to help advance technologies, we are happy to offer the highest quality standards for an optimal comfort of patients and healthcare professionnals.

SAFETOUCH™ NeedleGo Back

The SAFETOUCH™ Needle is a hypodermic needle with safety protection mechanism.

This single use device is ultra-sharp and tri-beveled for puncture with minimal trauma to the patient and aids in the prevention of accidental needlestick injuries.

Our SAFETOUCH™ Needle requires minimal change in injection technique and has an active safety mechanism, an audible click indicates the activation of the safety mechanism.

The needle remains locked inside its activated cover, in order to efficiently reduce the risk of needlestick injuries.

The safety mechanism is transparant for easy recognition of the needle size, via the ISO colour coded hub.

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