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Nipro is one of the leading manufacturers of dialyzers in the world. Our dialyzers are well-known for superior substance removal and biocompatibility. An example of this is, the excellent removal of microglobulins, the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome often found in long-term dialysis patients.

Other examples are the removal of high molecular weight uremic toxins, while avoiding albumin leakage, which results in reduced  side-effects such as itching. During treatment, the changes of biocompatibility markers are extremely low.


Thinking about patient and environment.

The Elisio™ dialyzer with its Polynephron™ membrane is a state-of-the-art and unique dialyzer ready for the current dialysis needs.

With its BPA free fibers, housing and headers, it is more patient-, user- and eco-friendly.

It reduces CO2 emissions in production, transport and disposal.


SOLACEA™ features an asymmetric triacetate (ATA) made by a state of the art spinning technique for dialyzer fibers. This result in a membrane that can withstand high convective volume.

This unique high flux dialyzer, with the new ATA structure, combines the design of a synthetic membrane with the benefits of a semi-natural fiber.

As the other dialyzers of Nipro’s portfolio, housing and membrane are free of BPA, a proven endocrine disruptor and associated with an increased risk of residual kidney function loss.

This makes SOLACEA™ the ideal membrane to be used in high volume HDF treatments for patients sensitive to synthetic dialyzers.