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Nipro Renal

In 2012, Nipro expanded its European manufacturing capabilities and its solutions portfolio.

Nipro’s portfolio currently includes a range of liquid and dry concentrates for the renal sector, which are being used to prepare more than 200 million liters of dialysis fluid annually.

A full range of formulas, dilutions and shipping formats are produced to address patient needs and accommodate the specific demands of dialysis units in European dialysis centers and beyond.

The quality of our concentrates is in compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring optimal, and safe treatments.

Some of the products in our range are manufactured at Nipro Renal Solutions S.R.L.

Liquid Acid Concentrates

Nipro acid concentrates can be used in combination with suitable bicarbonate cartridges to prepare hemodialysis fluid in a wide range of dialysis machines.

Nipro’s acid concentrate portfolio includes a wide array of acetate (300-A) formulas offered in 1+34 and 1+44 dilution.

The products are presented in several convenient formats to facilitate the selection of treatment for each patient. Our catalogue currently includes bags, canisters, octabins and tanks.

Octabins and tanks are compatible with our media supply systems.