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Vascular access


Nipro’s BIOHOLE™ AVF or Catheter range are specialy designed to support the buttonhole technique.

Using the buttonhole technique may cause fewer complications, compared to using different needle insertion sites for each haemodialysis treatment. Therefore, the BIOHOLE™ AVF is recommended for home dialysis and self cannulation Renal Centres.

Using the BIOHOLE™ AVF or Catheter in combination with the buttonhole puncture method results in:

  • A reduction of bleeding time
  • Minimum penetration force provides less pain to patients
  • An extension of the life of the vascular access
  • A reduction of mispunctures


Nipro dressing will support your products during or after dialysis.It is specially designed to increase the patient and/or user comfort.


Nipro’s next-generation SAFETOUCH safety AVF and Catheter’s are aimed to reduce the risk of needle-stick injuries and associated infections.

The patented safety systems enables a secure and immediate shielding of the needle upon withdrawal from the fistula, with little change in technique for medical professionals.

MedXL Prefilled Syringes

Together with MedXL, Nipro is committed to helping you optimize your process while simultaneously improving patient safety. MedXL manufactures a wide range of prefilled syringes including saline (0.9% NaCl) and sodium citrate (4%, 30% & 46.7%).

Prefilled syringes are practical, reliable and accurate. They improve efficiency since they are ready to use and thus require zero preparation time for healthcare professionals. Prefilled syringes also play a key role in minimizing the risk of contamination and dosage errors, thereby improving patient safety.

Key benefits of Prefilled Syringes:

  • Saves time
  • Requires less handling
  • Minimizes contamination risk
  • Reduces dosage errors